Archer vs Zombies Among As

Archer vs Zombies Among As

Date added: 10/06/2022

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Archer vs Zombie Among As at Kizi 2 unblocked is a fantastic game in the style of "Tower Defense," in which you must defend the castle from an invasion of impostors zombies Among As. To begin, click on the arrow in the center. Alien zombie hordes have descended on Earth. Improve your archery skills to eliminate all Among As and their UFOs. The zombies Among As must be hit multiple times to be killed.

The level gains three new weapons: bombs and burning arrows. They are visible in the upper-left corner. To use it, tap the icon. In addition, for the money earned in the battles, you can buy bombs and increase the speed of your shots between rounds of the game. This will make it easier to fight the zombies. This application is for entertainment purposes only and makes no claim to copyright. Innersloth owns all rights to the product Among Us.

Then share with your friends how you perfected this game. Use your phone or computer to play the game if you so desire. Expand your list of favorite online games you want. The list of online games that we introduce to players similar to this game is Impostor Archer War.

Game controls:

Touch or mouse control

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