Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Date added: 09/05/2020

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Mad Scientist is a fun and simple shooting game. It suits those who just want to find something exciting enough but doesn’t require too many skills. Here at Kizi juegos free com, you play as a mad scientist and you have to fight against a crowded army who wants to kill you. How dare you to touch you? Let’s show them what you got and how madness you are. Ready your fun and your madness, then teach them a lesson that they may never learn.

In this game, you will see a process bar at the top of the screen. This is your journey. Your main goal is to go as far as you can and your achievement depends on how long you can go. Your character automatically moves. You control him to jump and shoot. Shoot at every enemy to kill them before you get shot.

There is no power-up items or new weapon to buy and you also can’t upgrade some stats like other games on However, you can collect many weapons and useful items on the way. Pick them whenever they appear. You can attack your enemies directly or jump over them to avoid being attacked. You are attacked from 2 directions. You are attacked from two directions by a walking army and a flying army. Make sure you pay attention to every direction.

Besides, enemies are getting more crowded over time. They also become stronger. But with what you have, you won’t be defeated for sure. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Gladiator Wars Memory and Orc Invasion

Game controls:

Space to shoot and up arrow key to jump.

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