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A gaming website with thousands of free-to-play games is If you have any inquiries, suggestions, criticisms, or simply want to say hello, e-mail us at [email protected].


Our site is financed by ads because it is a free service. This implies that occasionally you will encounter advertisements on pages and throughout the game.
Please let us know if you find an advertisement that isn't complaining or is in the wrong place, and we'll take care of it right away. Email us the following:
- Screenshot of the advertisement 
- Placement of the advertisement on our website (left, right, under-game, category page, game page)
- The web address of the advertisement's page.

Writing and Copyrights

We publish games from all over the internet because we are a gaming site, thus we have titles from independent creators, small and large game companies, and game distributors. In addition, we have games that are internally developed, purchased through intermediaries, or directly developed.
We have a license for all content used in the games as well as the games themselves, which may be directly obtained or inherited. This license may be for freeware or open-source software, original creative works, exclusive or non-exclusive rights, or both.
Please let us know if you believe that any of your copyrighted assets or games are being used on our website without your consent. You should include the following in your email as proof:
- URL of the game you want to be uninstalled
- Explain the issue with copyright infringement, let us know if the game is using your assets or materials without your consent if the game was released without your consent, or if there are any additional instances of copyright violations.
Please submit your email with the needed information together with a statement attesting that all the information is accurate and that you are the owner of the relevant creative work or are otherwise permitted to act on its behalf.

Offer a Game

Have you created a game that you wish to post on our websites? Send it to us at your convenience; we'd be pleased to review it.
Have you come upon a fantastic game that isn't available on We'll attempt to get that game here for you if you send us a link to it.