Lucky Looter

Stealth so that you can perform your thieving missions right now in the police spot. Interestingly, right? You will have great moments when starting with the challenge. At the beginning of the game Lucky Looter, you will appear in a place with lots of objects that you will be able to steal. But it is difficult that two policemen are moving and using a flashlight to search for the thief.

You need to stealth into the crates, move to steal all the objects that are around. But on one condition that you dodge the flashlights from the cops. If you let them see you, you will be arrested at the police station. Don't let this happen because it sucks. Try to steal as many objects in this house as possible. Don't miss any items.

Running out of your car is the end of the mission. More and more lately, there will be more and more police names. Obstacles you need to dodge and react extremely quickly when you see the flashlight. Escape from there don't let the cops get caught. Transform into professional thieves full of skills that leave the cops. How many precious items can you steal?

Enjoy more interesting things only in the game Lucky Looter at Great when you share you’re stealing a game for your friends. Along with your friends participating in the game can transform into thieves in dangerous areas. Allow yourself to participate in a few other similar types of games Snake Want Fruits 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to move.