The Runaway Cats

The Runaway Cats at is a fun puzzle game with adorable cats. Imagine that you have a beautiful garden with flowers and butterflies. Your cat is always looking for a way to escape the garden to go out and play. It is very dangerous because there are many thieves outside the garden. They will take your cat away any time. So protect them by all means and don't let them have any openings to escape into the garden. Your task is very simple. You just need to place grass blocks in places on the field to prevent the cat from escaping.

Place grass blocks to form a closed circle and your cat won't be able to get out. The Runaway Cats has many levels, from difficult to easy and you have to pass each level in turn to open a new level. This game has lovely cat images, eye-catching graphics and funny sounds. I am sure that you will feel happy and excited to start the game with these cats. You can easily pass the first levels, but then the difficulty level will continue to increase and you need to think carefully to complete the task. Try to get as many points as possible and become the best player in this game. Are you ready to conquer these exciting puzzles? Let's invite close friends to solve these puzzles. If you are a lover of puzzle games and want to conquer all those types of puzzles, don't forget to participate in some similar games such as Farm Fun and Christmas Bridge Runner.

Instruction to play

You just need to use the mouse or directly touch the phone screen to conquer this game.