Idle Higher Ball

Idle Higher Ball at kizi is a casual and relaxing ball game. You need to slide the rope to make the ball bounce and pay attention to the glass above to break, the higher the height of the bounce, the higher the score. Also, the final distance is just far enough for you to succeed. Are you ready for the challenge? Good luck! You will test your ingenuity to try new technical ball games. We will experience a lot of new and exciting things. It's fun to practice your soccer skills. We'll have a great time doing the quests. Invite friends to play and discover a lot of new and interesting things.

All will be present in the online game Idle Higher Ball at kizi games unblocked. You will play and complete all the levels to get the highest score. You will play as you are fully capable of exploring. Your task needs to be very focused. Let the ball bounce high to pass the windshields on the road. And so on until you meet the final boss, you need to gain momentum very far to be able to throw the ball the farthest. You will wait for the results to see how many meters you reach the finish line and pass the level or not. Pull the ball very close to you so that it jumps far away.

The technique is extremely simple, but requires you to seize new opportunities, and take advantage of the right time to move the ball accurately. We will complete that level more easily. Do you love the game or not? Start exploring some other games similar to Fierce Shot at

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to slide down to drag the rope.