Cow Milking Simulator

Do you want to become a farmer taking care of cows and taking its milk? The game Cow Milking Simulator will definitely bring you many interesting things that you've never had before. Are you ready? If you love this game, join now. This is an online game that you can absolutely be free in your browser.

At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to choose the amount of time that you play. Then you have the opportunity to choose the number of players, depending on your preferences choosing a player or 2 players. Your challenge will begin, your task in this game is to use the keys on the keyboard to be able to squeeze cow's milk according to the game's requirements. If you squeeze this box, you will continue to squeeze the milk to another container.

Enough of the required number, completing the task you will pass the level where the game plays the challenge. Unfortunately, when the timer runs out and you don't get enough, your game will end in failure. Be quick to use all your cleverness so you can get as much milk as you can.

More fun with the game Cow Milking Simulator. Do not hesitate to share these things with your friends and your friends to join the game right now for a chance to experience the feeling of milking cows. What do you think when you join some other games such as Rope Around and Tangles

Instruction to play

Use ASJK key in 1 player mode ASD or JKL in 2 player mode.