Endless Spinning

How many balls of the same color can be collected? Don't miss your chance to play the online Endless Spinning game at Kizi games. You will be successful in this game if you practice hard. The game has a lot of new things. You can start a battle with colorful fruits. They can float around the circular path. You will find it fun and engaging. Start controlling an arrow to shoot the ball and help the ball to the finish. What are you waiting for?

Join the game now. We will completely experience a lot of fun and luck. What is your mission? Join now. Learn the rules of this game. A matching puzzle game. All you need to do is shoot the balls to form balls of the same color in 3 matches and disappear them. On the screen will be a gun. In it there will be a lot of balls of different colors. You can observe what color the ball is about to be shot. And on an interesting circle is the path of the ball.

There will also be a certain amount of shadow on it. They will slowly drift outside. Your task will use a gun to shoot the ball and shoot balls of the same color at each other. Remember that you have to shoot between 2 balls before you complete the mission and they will disappear. Just like that, you have to change the shooting position continuously because their colors also change. You will have to be more agile and active to complete this task.

Enjoy the game Endless Spinning online. You will have the opportunity to play some more games similar to Bubble Shooter Candies. Play now! 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to shoot.