Take Apart

Welcome to the online game Take Apart! Accept all the exciting challenges. Are you ready to take on that task? Together we will discover a lot of new and interesting things. The surprise will make the game more attractive. You need to perform a lot of tasks and the more you play, the more you find yourself with new techniques. Do you want to start now? Together we will look back at the whole process to know the fastest way to play.

Fun rule-based tile demolition game. All colored pieces will be destroyed before the white ones. If you can't find the demolition location, rotate the blocks to find the full way. Get started with the online game Take Apart at puzzle games. Conquer lots of challenges when you step into this game. We need to practice a lot of new elements to be able to start performing a lot of skills in this game.

Take Apart is a very simple sorting game, only this time you have to arrange the weights. All you need to do is use the empty rack and place the weights of the same color in the same place on the rack. This is also the time to test your observation and brainpower. Are you ready? You will enjoy a lot of fun with your friends while playing this game. We will try to create new techniques and break many blocks. The game includes a lot of levels, how many levels will you pass and how much score will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. Are you ready to play some other games similar to Brain IQ test Minecraft Quiz and Bead Cleaner Amaze?

Instruction to play

Touch the screen to play.