Super Flippy Knife

Relax right now in an extremely stressful knife throwing game Super Flippy Knife at kizi adventures. Does this game cost money to play? No, you can start the game without losing a penny. Isn't that great? Are you bored with cooking games? Make changes to get freshness in the game. An interesting game about skill. You will have to complete the time to throw a knife to hit many different targets.

Earn the highest score and buy new knives in the store. But the game requires a lot of skills. So for you to win this game you need to have an observation. Throw a knife at a moderate level and match the distance. If you throw too far, it is impossible to balance the knife and cannot hit the target. Skillfulness is an indispensable skill in the game. Control the knife well to bring you victory.

With extremely simple but unique graphic design, sounds fun. You will be addicted to the addictive game the first time you join. Throw knives to destroy everything in the shortest possible time. Overcoming obstacles obstructing the knife. Complete the missions given by the game right now in the game Super Flippy Knife. Have all of those great things been discovered?

What do you think when you share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to start right now into the game to challenge in a knife-throwing game you've never been to previous experience. Remember to allow yourself to add one to the same interesting game genre as 99 Balls Evo and Color Valley

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to throw a knife.