Color Valley

Is it really difficult to get the small ball through the circles? If you want to experience it in a free online game, start right now into the game Color Valley at kizi gratis. There is a small ball waiting for you to take it on an adventure. Are you willing to help it? The game will give the color of the ball. Your task is to send it deep inside the circle to collect stars.

The circle rotates very quickly and comes in many different colors. You need to keep the balance ball waiting for the circle to rotate to the same color as it, then go up. You will not win if you go into the other colors. The game can change the color of the ball unexpectedly. Reflect well and take them away from the danger zone.

Wait for the right opportunity and come. Collect as many stars as you have a chance to score high. The game requires a lot of skills. If you are not skillful, you cannot overcome this challenge. Play with fun balls. The further you go, the more you can lead this game. Do not let yourself become a failure. Try to control the ball safely.

All of that is only in the game Color Valley. Such an interesting game, do not play alone but share it with everyone. Invite them to come and participate in the game now so that they can train for their ingenuity. It's great if you want to explore adding a few other interesting games like Wire and 99 Balls Evo

Instruction to play

use the mouse to be able to balance the ball.