One of the most unique puzzle games for the brainy players is here at Kizi puzzle for free. Have you ever heard of the planet of Sporos? It's a place where the core pieces play important roles in generating power for the entire system. You will be the one to decide where those cores will be on the grid and among the board. Depending on the levels, the number of cores given, and the shape of the system will change drastically.

The cores with the shape of the stars can be used to spread power to all branches, even if they are in the diagonally, hexagon forms or horizontally order. Yet the core with two sides can only spread the power horizontally. Once you put them to the right place, the energy will automatically spread. You can test out the spread paths of them by dragging the pieces over the chosen blocks.

In levels that are higher and much harder, you need two, three, or more cores to successfully cover the whole grid without missing out on any checkpoints. The best thing about this game is that there is no limitation on how many times you can try and how long you can stay on a stage.

Be persistent and you will conquer the science behind all 50 levels without any trouble! Keep exploring new worlds with more cool and smart games like Drop Stack Ball and Easter Differences

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to choose the core and drag to move them.