Car vs Missile

Imagine that you are being chased by a dark force in a crowded city of Car Vs Missile. Your mission is to drive fast and escape from the pursuit of high-altitude planes. Streets in the city are extremely small and complicated. You may have to turn repeatedly or encounter obstacles on the road. You can even enter shortcuts or dead-ends with no exit. You have to do your best to get a lot of gold coins, speed symbols, and power symbols to be able to accelerate and shoot back the rockets in the sky.

The bad news for you is that driving in this game is not easy because the streets are very narrow and missiles can appear everywhere and destroy you at any time. In Car Vs Missile, you can spend money to buy shields or power symbols to be able to attack every enemy on your way. So don't forget the quest to collect as many coins as possible.

The difficulty in this game is that missiles can appear everywhere and continuously attack your cars on the road. To avoid rockets, you have to drive fast and wriggle through the roads to destroy the missiles. Whenever a missile destroys your car, you risk losing a life. You should be careful because they often attack many missiles at the same time and make you lose your turn continuously in Car Vs Missile.

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Instruction to play

Use the WASD key to drive left or right.