Snow Excavator

Is snow something you fear? That's right when the snow was blocking traffic, it appeared thick on the road in the game Snow Excavator Kizi games. How can you help the cars to escape? You will transform into an excavator then move to all the turns. Find your path. Then drag all the cars that appear and help them escape from this place.

But there are lots of cars blocking you ahead. So you need to skillfully move to avoid them well. Don't let any collision happen. This is so bad you will have to use the game right away. You both have to control the car you are pulling and have to skillfully reflect on your path and look for yourself for safety. It's hard, right?

You need to combine a lot of manipulations as well as reflexes to be able to complete this task. Joy will come to you when you overcome difficulties and return to the finish line. Let's unlock many of the next games. The later, the more deadly traps there will be. You need to train yourself a lot more skills to be able to bring yourself a victory. Will luck come to you in this game?

Try to pull all these cars off the horrible snow roads and get it back to normal. Bring me a lot of fun with my friends to find the opportunity to relieve a lot of stress when participating in this game Snow Excavator. Started adding a few other similar entertainment game genres like Chained Tractor Towing Simulator 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to move your excavator.