Santa On Wheelie Bike

Here is another game for Christmas. Santa On Wheelie Bike is a fun casual game about doing a wheelie. Do you know what? At Christmas this year, instead of riding sled to deliver gifts to kids around the world, he will do a wheelie. He wants to try something new. Can an old man like Santa succeed in doing a wheelie? It’s up to you.

Here, you need to help him practice and become a master of wheelie. Riding the bike on one wheel is really challenging and not everyone can do it. The key point is to keep balancing. The goal of Santa is to go as far as possible. The farther Santa goes, the more points you earn. At first, you can’t go far as you are unfamiliar with the gameplay and control. The more you try, the more you get used to it. The only way to do wheelie is to practice.

There is no finish line, power-ups, accelerate feature, and other features that you always find in other riding games. It’s simply about riding your bike on one wheel. That’s it. However, it’s truly challenging. To perform the longest wheelie ever, you need time. This can be a game that makes you feel bored easily or it can be a game that forces you to reach new achievements each time you play. How challenging it is! But you are sure to set a record that is hard to beat.

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Instruction to play

Tap or click to do a wheelie.