Minetank Shooter

Welcome to an extremely attractive tank shooting game along with Minetank Shooter at kizi Games free Join now! Have fun! When the game starts, there will be 4 modes that appear, depending on your preference, choose the mode you want to join the most. This is also a tank war simulation game with the 3D platform. Are you ready for a challenge with the best shooting tank game ever? You will be equipped with different weapons and high-tech skills such as shields, first aid packs, and artillery. You have all your tanks and tanks.

Your mission in this game is to use your tanks to kill enemy tanks, but it is difficult for you that enemy tanks have many different types. each other appears and appears very many shootings that are difficult to destroy. so you need to have an observation and sell as much as possible to aim at the target accurately so that you can destroy it all and become the traditional day of today. how much longer can you live It all depends on your wisdom. Let's challenge yourself with all the modes to discover the great things of the game.

All these interesting things only in tank games along with Minetank Shooter. Remember to share this game with your friend's home and invite your friends to join the game right now to have a chance to experience a tank game and regain the highest score. What do you think If I join some game types, it will increase a similar attraction like Kick the Huggie Wuggie and  They Are Coming at kizi 2 unblocked


Instruction to play

using the mouse to conquer the challenges of the game