Hardest Game Evar

Do you have the necessary requirements to survive the Hardest Game Evar? The name of this game might be daunting but many brave players have conquered it. Will you be the next one? The only task you need to do is to control the ball to make it jump as high as you can. However, the tough parts are the obstacles that will prevent your ball from bouncing up higher.

The very first checkpoints will be easy to reach, but you have to realize that every step after that is not as simple as what it looks like. The game requires endurance, flexibility to dodge the obstacles mid-air and the patience to overcome all these challenges. The fun is guaranteed for the players who have the ability to endure the hardship of the game at https://kizigames.games/. The ball bounces up automatically, so the only thing you need to take control of is the direction of it.

Avoid all the spikes, holes, weird items and animals to reach the highest platforms and checkpoints possible. The gameplay is fun for both adults and kids with challenging themes and amazingly designed graphics for the best users' experience. Other than this, you can compete to get your name on the top of the Leaderboard and be admired by players around the globe!

Let's head to the challenges and create tons of memorable moments now! After this, we recommend that you should check out other good games like Germ War and Tangles

Instruction to play

Use the left and right arrows to control the ball.