Slime Arrows

Collect all the blue blocks to help you pass the level now. Rely on the arrows and you can help your character move more accurately in the game Slime Arrows. Do all the background to make the character reach this portal now. Also, check out the speedrunning mode and try to get to the end in the best time.

Use arrow directions to help your character move more accurately. If the arrow points to the right, your character will be moved to the right. The later, the more arrows will be. You need to take advantage of the best opportunity to help your character move in the direction of the arrow more accurately. Help it to collect the blue blocks as fast as possible. Did much luck come your way in this game? This is a platform game of lots to exciting speed.

Once you get through the levels and are ready you can start with the next even more exciting levels. But behind because there will be many difficulties and challenges. Just focus on the game and observe I believe everything will be very simple in your hands. With extremely simple but colorful graphic designs. The sound is fun, you will be addicted from the first time you join.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends to join this game Slime Arrows so that they can share a lot of fun and go on more adventures in search of excellent blue blocks. You can enjoy a few other similar adventure game genres like Dingbats

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to look for opportunities for your character to move more precisely at the arrows.