is another fun-addicting online IO game which is playable on kizi games for kids. The foxes are about to start the war to choose the ultimate king of the jungle. Enter a nickname and control a tiny little fox on a forest packed with evil enemies. The goal is to eat fruits and smaller players in order to grow. 

As a fox, you can use holes to run from larger foxes who will try to catch you, and instantly reappear on another part of the field. Therefore, start moving around to gather all the fruits scattered on the ground. These will help you to grow in size and level up faster. Beware of other bigger foxes and stay alert to avoid being swallowed by them. Other than running away, you can take advantage of the available holes to hide from larger foxes. There is nothing dangerous about these. 

You'll have to fight your way out if you want to survive and that is gonna mean sharpening your elbows, chowing down on some cherries and stomping around the forest! Avoid anyone who is bigger than you and ruthlessly devour anyone who is smaller than you. You may be used to picking on people your own size in the reakl world but in you'll wanna take out the runts first and avoid anyone even remotely close to your size.

With 3D eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will help you release stress in life. Besides, there are some similar games such as and

Instruction to play

Navigate the fox and move using the mouse.