Egg Helix

You need to know a happy egg. It was jumping around an axis with lots of baskets. Please help it do not fall to the bottom when you join the online game Egg Helix. You will do it well. You will love it the first time you play it. We will experience a lot of emotions when participating in this game. Sometimes I feel my heart pounding when the ball slides out. You will enjoy immensely.

You are now ready to start these interesting things. Challenges await you ahead. You will do well in all missions and challenging puzzles. We will begin to learn the rules in this game. You will enter into very interesting challenges. Imagine the egg jumping up and down at a racket. Around the stand is designed a lot of racquets corresponding to the location you need to throw the ball.

It will have to be tricky to not make the egg slide down, you will have to play from the beginning. How do the eggs reach the correct basket? Revealed to you the technique of playing this game. Use your mouse to spin around the pole so that the eggs jump onto those baskets. Rotate the cylinder left and right to allow the egg to bounce back into place. Be quick, or you'll miss. Because when the egg pops up, it will easily fall as quickly as possible.

Try to make the eggs climb high. The game has a lot of interesting things. You can join the online game Egg Helix. If you love this game, you can play some other similar games Beer Slide and Friend Rescue

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play game.