Brick Breaker Retro

Brick Breaker Retro brings back the classic gaming theme of breaking the bricks in a new setting with the latest updates to freshen up the demolition gaming selection here at Kizi kid games. You will be able to grasp a chance to participate in the latest breaking game for bricks here and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing all the bricks falling apart! As it has similar gameplay to some of the most famous brick-breaking games in the world, even the newbies will soon be able to learn the basics of the game and enjoy it.

The final objective is to gather all the colored blocks as shown through each hit. After you hit, the number of white balls will increase slowly. Do your best to utilize the skateboard at the bottom of the game screen to capture all the scattered blocks. Make sure to not miss out on any falling rewards, boosters, and items that can help complete more selections of bricks later. Despite the simple gameplay of hitting the ball and controlling the skateboard, the high score ranking board will still be quite a challenge to master.

Make sure that you can be ready for a more challenging block layout with the increasing speed of moving! By catching the white balls precisely, you can create a fulcrum or momentum to counter-hit them to the blocks. It's crucial to estimate the locations where the ball falls so that you can prepare to move your block toward that one. What's the maximum block count that you can carry out within one turn of the game?

Do your best to increase the number of white balls with every turn while maneuvering the skateboard along the line of the game border. It's crucial to win every difficult level to progress to the final stage with the bosses. The list of the daily replenished games will be filled up with good games like Kick The Dahmer 

Instruction to play

Click and drag to move the board.