Jumping Ball

Prepare to hop into the world of endless jumping fun themes with this new gaming option from the gaming list here, especially with one of the most famous games for kids Jumping Ball! Not only is this an exciting arcade game created exclusively on the platform to suit the taste of kids of all ages but you will be surprised by the unlimited challenging tasks and fun theme shared among the players here!

Enjoy the work of conquering these crazy platforms with the fast-paced movement among the balls. Your main task is to control the moving ball and make sure that it hops precisely on the next block or tile on the platform. The blocks are laid out in a zigzag order and there will be gaps between them. To keep the ball intact and safe from these holes, make sure to estimate the distance between the current block and the next one so that you can stop the bounce of the ball on time.

The moment that yous ball falls off the main platform, you will lose the game immediately. It's all about stopping the bouncy ball at the right time and don't let it overstep on the tricky platform. If you can manage to make it bounce on the right block every time, the final high scores will easily be yours. Feel free to share the dynamic experience thanks to the free gameplay and the attractive movement that will keep your entertainment time exciting!

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Instruction to play

Click to move the ball.