Immense Army

The battle is starting to be very intense. You will call on soldiers to join in the online game Immense Army. You are completely capable of doing a lot of things in this new version. We will experience together and fight together. Some things that are considered very new will be experienced faster than usual. Deadly combat phases will make the fight more powerful. You completely have the ability to sense and attack stronger. Only the strongest army can achieve glory!

Crush the goblin army, train new units, collect treasure, mine gold, and do whatever you can to build a huge army in this idle strategy game! Units are recruited automatically. Upgrade their buildings to recruit faster. Or quickly click the unit icons to manually recruit. Upgrade the unit's damage and health. Upgrade your buildings and gold mines. Fight opposing armies by clicking the start button, then selecting a battle icon on the map.

Monitor the enemy's strength before going into battle. Your units automatically attack during battle. Quickly click on enemies to deal more damage. Enjoy the online game Immense Army now. You will be completely hooked. The game has a lot of novelties. You will have to manipulate a lot of skills when participating in this game. Do you want to play and conquer more? Start with your abilities.

We will have more reflections on the war. The game has a lot of novelties. Please share with your friends. If they love invite them to some other games similar to Stickman Epic Battle

Instruction to play

Use a mouse to play this game.