Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Street Shadow Classic Fighter at action games has very addictive gameplay and many missions. In it, you have to fight with other enemies and have to complete missions. It has many addictive missions. You will love it the first time you play it. You need to show all your fighting techniques when you meet those opponents. We need to use more strategies to approach the opponent. Get started right away with a lot of those fun games. Invite friends to enjoy and experience the thrill of skirmishes. You alone have to fight with many police officers, will you be able to overcome those intense battles?

Join the online game Street Shadow Classic Fighter to feel a lot of new things through this game. Do you want to start now? Don't forget to join some other games similar to Knock Em All and Bubble Monster. You will play the role of a thief and fight with the police. The police force is very large, causing you to be seriously injured many times. But you will make it so that you feel very strong. Each time you defeat the police, you will collect a huge amount of money.

Are you ready to get rich by playing this game? We will have a lot of fun playing time. Do issues very quickly and decisively. Your steel punches will make the player quickly stunned and he collapses. We will prepare for the best we can to win. You need to enjoy a lot of intense combat while playing. It needs to be quick to take down all those opponents. You will love this game very much. We need to engage and face the enemies. Take over the territory and collect a lot of money.

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys and Z keys to attack.