Parking Mania

You can find a lot of games related to cars. Driving or racing games are the most typical. Besides, the games about parking are also chosen by many players. Today, we would like to introduce you to the latest addition named Parking Mania. It doesn’t require you to park a car or something like that. Instead, your main mission is to free a crowded parking lot filled with a lot of cars. The owner of one of those cars can’t get his car.

So, you have to remove the cars one by one from the tight spot. The first car is the key to freeing the parking lot. Once the first car gets out of the parking lot, you can maneuver other cars easily. Once the cars go out of the parking lot, they will head to the exit. It’s a challenging yet addicting mission that only you can deal with. This game features multiple levels with engaging gameplay and easy-to-master control mechanics. As you level up, it becomes harder to solve the puzzle.

However, don’t be afraid of trying. Keep trying and use different solutions and in the end, you will find the most appropriate solution. Some cars will have to move forward and some cars will have to back up to get out of the parking space. Be careful each time you remove a car. Make sure it doesn’t crash into the walls or any cars, or obstacles out there. It’s ok if the car crashes but it’s better to keep it safe. Do you have a great time with all the games that you play here? More kizigames puzzle games are waiting for you to explore. Here are some options for you Nubic Boom Crusher and Real Football.

Instruction to play