Extreme Footgolf Evolution

If you are a fan of both golf and soccer, prepare yourself to enjoy the specialized combination of Extreme FootGolf Evolution games! Not only is it a ball launching game that uses physic laws like other golf games but it's also a skillful puzzle game with the main theme of soccer.

The match takes place on a 2D soccer field with the same setting as a traditional soccer playground. There aren't two teams on the field like other ordinary soccer game. You are the only player on the field with a ball. Your job is to win by shooting the ball down the hole.

Avoid all obstacles and get the football down the hole using the least kicks possible. While launching the ball in https://kizigames.games/, the number of obstacles will increase slowly to make the game harder and harder throughout the levels. There is no limitation on how many kicks you can use. However, the less you use, the more scores you will gain.

Using the least number of balls will show that you are one of the best players with amazing technical skills. The most important factors that you should take into consideration are the speed and the direction which you set for the kick. Don't miss a single stage where you can enjoy other cool sports games like Dunk Hoop and Football Penalty Go

Instruction to play

Click on the ball and drag the mouse to set power and direction, release to kick.