Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge

Squid challenge awaits you, along with a slew of stage pals. Playing two player games with a friend who is a noob and a friend who is a pro is the best way to spend time. In the first game, you must move forward without looking back. In the next game, you must be cautious when pulling the rope; be the fastest puller, and you will win. Reach the finish line with your friend in the next game to become the winner of all games and your friend. Much fun!

Join this exciting game now. The gameplay is simple, interesting, and engaging. You will love it the first time you play it. If you want to play more, invite your friends to enjoy some other games similar to Friday Night Funki Noob

Instruction to play

Noob Player "A" Press Key

On Mobile: Touch Control / Pro Player "P" Press Key & Mobile Touch Control