Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero

Your city is in danger. Villains who come from nowhere are trying to dominate your city. You and they have a deal. If you can shoot at them without a missing shot, they will withdraw. Otherwise, this city is theirs. In Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero at Kizi free online games, are you confident enough to finish this mission? In fact, this is a simple turn-based shooter game where you have to adjust the right angle to shoot at each enemy.

It’s an endless shooter journey and it just ends when you miss the shot. Enemies are standing in towers that have different heights. The straight line to help you aim more accurately will move slowly from bottom to top. When this line moves and creates a perfect angle to shoot, you have to quickly take action. If the line is below or above the perfect angle, you missed and you have no chance to correct your mistake.

As a result, starting from the beginning is what you do next. As mentioned above, this is a turn-based shooter. Therefore, when you missed, you give your enemy a chance to kill you and of course, you can’t dodge or cover yourself. Like other games, this one also offers items that you can purchase with coins in the store. Coins are earned by defeating enemies. You reward coins each time you kill an enemy.

You will find it harder to shoot at the enemies who are standing in the high towers and as you advance, the straight line that guides you to shoot accurately moves faster. This is also a challenge in terms of aim and shoot. Enjoy your time and check out other cool games on our site such as Demon Killer and Bullet League Robogeddon

Instruction to play

Mouse or touch to shoot.