Reflection Symmetry

Complete every level and find yourself the fun and victory in each of these levels. This is a very interesting symmetry game and finds your reflexes in the fastest way. The game Reflection Symmetry at Kizi free games will give half the picture. then you need to search and make it have a symmetrical image next to it. Sounds simple? But for you to be able to estimate the ratio as well as the distance is a very difficult thing.

You need to move your color most wisely. Then look for a suitable angle and form symmetrical images with them. challenge your brain. Draw a line of symmetry with different levels to complete this mission. This is a game that requires your direction in the most intelligent way. If you are slow you will not be able to win. Draw on all the opposite images to achieve the requirements set by the game.

With a simple graphic design but fun-sounding colors. You will fall in love with this addictive puzzle game from the very first time. Get ready to embrace the many challenges ahead. Don't forget that you still have a lot of tasks behind waiting for you. Because the game has so many different levels trying to rotate and move in the most suitable way to create a symmetrical image in a short amount of time.

Invite her to participate in this game Reflection Symmetry to be able to look for images of more special blocks of symmetry. Experience a few more similar symmetry drawing game genres like Merge The Gems

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to move your pen and create the same shapes.