Monster School Challenge 2

The challenging monster school will be available in the online game Monster School Challenge 2. You will have fun with your friends. School challenges are full of fun with funny students. You will have more wonderful experiences! Conquer all the challenging levels with your classmates. Monster School offers zombie challenges.... bottle flips and school roller coaster challenges with the creators of this game. You will experience many more skills. You will enjoy more fun with your friends. All will be present in this new version!

Join the monster school with lots of different fun. Each challenge will give you interesting things. What are you waiting for? Discover now the online game Monster School Challenge 2. Feel new levels, each level will help you experience more new skills. Fun game! If every time you fail, your classmates will laugh at you. Therefore, be careful and win in these first challenges.

Some challenges like monster, monster school, hacker, god, skeleton, stickman, bottle flip, bottle flip challenge, zombie, skeleton, archer... along with special levels. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself a lot when participating in the game. A game that has a lot of different challenges. A school is a place full of exciting new challenges. You have a lot of new readiness. You will experience more new knowledge and fascinating skills. Complete your mission and have the skills to overcome the challenge! If you want to practice more new skills in combat.

The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. Let's play some more games online like Farmer Challenge Party

Instruction to play

Use a mouse to play this game.