Old City Stunt

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in an extremely exciting and amazing new car driving game released with Old City Stunt. Feel free to play the game without having to worry about paying anything. The first thing you need to do in this game is to choose your car. According to your preference, choose the one that you like best. Then start the race. You will drive on a road that is not normal; it is a road on space between high-rise buildings. It's great to experience this challenge, isn't it?

You will get a fresh feeling as possible in this game. Let's drive at breakneck speeds without having to worry about anything. There will be unexpected bends that will make you ask for quick reflexes. Large boxes that line up will be a barrier to your path. Use observation and fly past them to avoid any difficulties. Freedom to drive at your desired speed. If you complete this path, unlock new roads as well as more awesome cars. This game you can completely play with your friends with a two-player mode or else you can play single-player mode.

There are countless interesting things ahead of you in the game Old City Stunt. Drive with your friends so you can feel the joy of having more relaxing moments together when you share this game with them. It would be nice to allow yourself to add a few other interesting similarities Drive Hills Online and Rise Of Speed

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys, the WASD keys to be able to control the car.