Baby Elsa In Kitchen

Baby Elsa In Kitchen is a girls game that you can play here on kizi dress up games. During the game, you will help baby Elsa to take care of herself. Because her mother is not at home. Now, you will use your mouse and help her to prepare some foods for her. In the first game, you must take her to buy some things at supermarket as milk, tomatoes, apples,... I hope that baby Elsa will be happy with the food that you help her to create. Have fun!

And back home began to cook. She is too young to get items on high prices of supermarkets. Cooking games are always attractive to all players. Especially for women who like to play dolls, play toys. Baby Elsa In Kitchen will help you experience a day's work will look like? Help her pick them up and put them in the basket: vegetables, fruits, spices, milk, sugar ... kitchen utensils.

After choosing to buy full Elsa started to go home and cook. You will help her cook vegetable soup and apple juice. All recipes are very detailed instructions, you just have to do the right thing, you will complete the task. When finished cooking, all food will be placed on the table and Elsa will begin to enjoy them. This game will be very interesting for women.

Invite your friends to play and share with them the fun in this game. And if you love the game, you can play some other similar games such as Baby Elsa Peppa Pig Room. I believe that you will definitely feel attracted for the first time. Play now to enjoy these game!

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to interact