Super Drive Ahead

Get started with an exciting game in Super Drive Ahead online game at Kizi games. Start playing now. You will feel a lot of fun while playing this game. We will experience a lot of surprises of the game. The battle of racing cars. Surprised! Do you want to start now? The game will give you heart-pounding chases. Extremely attractive! Eye-catching and attractive. Play now with your friends and have a great time together.

Choose your car and fight for your life by smashing all the vehicles in the room. Fight with multiple vehicles, garbage, trucks, tanks and physics to be the winner. Collect coins and other things to upgrade vehicles and buy power-ups to improve the arena. Destroy everything in your way in over 50 levels, lots of vehicles and the best physics. 

The objective of the game is to control your vehicle and eliminate other armed vehicles in a very extreme vehicle battle. You will be caught up in the races. Not simply racing, you need to fight. Fight hard to get the prize of this game. Accept all the challenges and explore a unique game together. There will be many surprises one after another. You will conquer all challenges in this game.

You need to accelerate, backward, forward.... a lot of techniques in this game. Hit the opponent directly. They will explode and lose. Continuously repeat those actions. You will earn a lot of gold stars. Don't forget to play more with some attractive games such as Santa On Wheelie Bike.

Instruction to play

Use the arrows on the keyboard to move and the spacebar to power. Use mobile game buttons.