Reckless Tetriz

This is a simple block puzzle game where players need to complete lines by fitting stacks of different shapes into empty spaces. Invite your friends to join the online game Reckless Tetris at kizi online. You will play with lots of interesting shapes and colors. Let's start with the simple level. Each level is an entertaining puzzle. You will be perfectly able to start them. This version has sounds and colors for very eye-catching cubes. You will both play and relax. Be careful with those. Let's build the wall together by making very attractive puzzles. You will be ready to improve your intellect. What is your mission? Please choose the cubes in the appropriate location. The game ends when the unclear lines reach the top of the board.

Invite friends to join the online game Reckless Tetris at kizi online games. The gameplay is very simple, the blocks will move from the top down with many different shapes and sizes. You will click the appropriate locations so that they form closed rows, and then they will disappear. The falling speed of the cubes is very fast, you need to quickly find the appropriate locations. Sometimes you need to have the wisdom to assemble it properly.

Especially in this version, you can rotate the cube in different directions for easy assembly. Keep doing this until you get the highest score. If the blocks do not disappear but reach the top of the board, the game will be over. Show your sophistication while playing this game. Discover some other games similar to Handyman 3D at

Instruction to play

Touch the screen icons.