Construction Set

Lego pieces are a great choice for you to experience this. This is a game Construction Set at Kizi cool fun games that helps train yourself to be more intelligent. Are you ready? Welcome to this completely free online game genre. assemble all the Lego pieces that are being cut apart. Become the most complete car to add to your collection. It's so much fun for you to be able to experience this game and pass the countless to the next level.

Unbox all the play boxes you assemble. Then cut them out and find lots of pieces and connect them to form the most complete car. This is not a simple game. It requires you the smartest mind and a high imagination to be able to overcome this task. Try to be quick so you don't miss a single piece.

Use all kinds of small parts to form the most amazing images such as cars, bicycles, houses, and countless others. If you are a big fan of Lego, don't miss this most perfect amazing building set. Let's pass the levels with your wits. Create and make more houses and special cars. The game will also give you instructions. Please try to follow the instructions to find yourself the most accurate path.

Invite your friends to join this Lego building game Construction Set at to find yourself with clever skills and a quick brain when facing unexpected situations. Enjoy a few more established similar Lego building games like Cook And Decorate 

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to find as many correct pieces as you can.