Superstar Family Dress Up Game

On the same screen, end up creating luxury garments and absolutely incredible looks for a rising star family of four stunningly beautiful virtual models! Also every character has their own clothes and shoes, one that contains over 200 pieces of clothing, beauty products, but rather accessories. To create a final image suitable for a series of photos, add absolutely adorable pets, bottle rockets, and various pretty awesome stickers. To show off your fashion model skills, take a picture by pressing the "Camera" button inside the game and share it with your acquaintances and family online.

Each doll comes with large selection of luxurious garments but rather trendy contouring options for each doll. Everything seems to be adaptable, from eye shape and iris color to dresses and glam accessories like Swiss hand watches and precious metal necklaces. Whom are these dolls: movie stars, famous male models from glam glossy magazines, Internet entertainers, princes and princesses, movie house actors and actresses, wealthy business leaders, or perhaps something else?

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Instruction to play