Island Survival 3D

The ball rolled safely on a road full of obstacles. Do you feel scared when participating in this game? Let's start right now the game Island Survival 3D at kizi games play online will make you feel as satisfied as possible. You feel extremely excited when you start with this colorful ball of seven. Your job in this game is to control the ball to get to the finish line. But the way you move is on bamboo bridges. You must not allow your ball to fall into the water because this is bad.

You will have to stop the game now when you are not keeping the ball safe. Move slowly to look around. This bridge is very dangerous. It has towering terraces. The small road with only two bars will make it very difficult for you to move. How do you get through this? Start an experience that requires a lot of skills from you. Turn left or right to help the ball begin with the new path. Can you reach the finish line safely?

Take risky actions to feel the surprises from the challenges you are given. Have fun playing the ball to win hundreds of levels with loads of game traps. Finesse will bring you a high score. With quick hands to help you cross many obstacles. When you climb up, you will see the adventure coming.

If you like the adventure of bridges, start exploring more of the game Island Survival 3D. This entertaining game will be even more interesting when you share this game with your friends. Challenge your friends to this entertaining game to bring you the latest feeling you've never had. What do you think of when you allow yourself to participate in some other similar game genres like The Mole Knocker and Cross That Road

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to be able to conquer difficult roads.