The Mole Knocker

Start some exciting action when engaging with a sledgehammer to be able to beat all the animals appearing in this place. Are you ready to start a new game The Mole Knocker at … genre? Let's go! I wish you have the most relaxing moments. You will appear along with a lot of holes, your goal in the game is to use your sledgehammer to hit the heads of the animals jumping from that hole. When they jump up, they need to hit immediately.

Do not miss any animals. Then you will have to reduce your points. Every time you hit the heads of animals correctly, you will give yourself a high score. It's difficult because this animal appears so suddenly and has lots of holes. So how do you get to win with all these animals? You need to observe and use your countless skills. Super-fast reflexes whenever they meet them. They can rise and then collapse right away. Don't fall into this trap, but be smart in controlling the Sledgehammer.

If you are unlucky enough to let your sledgehammer hit the hole, you will have to stop the game. Concentration is a necessity and you will not miss your great opportunities when you have the skills and wisdom. Let's challenge yourself more and more on the numerous levels of the game The Mole Knocker to train you a true reflexes best.

Get through the many challenges in the game together and share it with your friends to participate in a game of entertainment to be able to relieve a lot of stress. What do you think of when you allow yourself to experience a few other similar types of entertaining games like Skeleton Party Hidden and Water Race 3D

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to complete the given game tasks.