Draw and Save Stickman

Want to test your intelligence, creativity, or drawing skills? Looking for a new, unique puzzle game? Draw and Save Stickman is the game you need! Use your strokes to protect the stickman from danger. The mission is very important, all will become simple when you try to create a lot of new things. The drawing tricks are not too difficult, but you need to visualize the starting and ending points to be able to successfully handle and escape the danger. Invite your friends to join to test their quick wits. Each level will be a puzzle you use your intelligence to complete and save the stickman from falling into danger.

Enjoy the online game Draw And Save Stickman now. Create drawings to stay away from various dangers and pitfalls from the stickman. You will need to think differently at each level. Guess where the danger will come from and start drawing the shield! Stick people can be in danger when falling into the water, the abyss is full of sharp spikes, and dangerous sharks... many challenges threaten them. You need to support him so that he can escape and be safe.

Let's play this fascinating game now. You will have the opportunity to have a great experience! Brain games are always attractive to players. The game has a lot of dangers. Each level will be a different challenge. How many levels will you pass? It all depends on your intelligence. Let's show your role in this fascinating game. You will do a good job and become the shield bearer to protect the stickman. Explore now and experience some other games similar to Bridge Water Rush 

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to draw protective shields.