Galactic Traffic

Galactic Traffic is a never-ending race of the most professional racers on the planet. The light world of this kingdom will give you a very exciting feeling when entering this race. The graphics of this game are extremely eye-catching so you will feel like in a real race with talented opponents and set goals. In each round, you will be required to earn enough money before the end of the match.

This game will be divided into many levels with different requirements. Your task in Galactic Traffic is to drive carefully and smartly to overcome all the challenges and obstacles on the road. Many cars and obstacles will appear suddenly and continuously on your track. Don't forget to collect as many coins as you can and use them to upgrade your car in higher rounds.

The special feature of Galactic Traffic is that you can keep the score and the amount you passed in each level instead of losing everything if you lose your turn on the track. If you are a professional racer, so this game is not too difficult because the speed is not too fast like other racing games. You can still accelerate on the roads with fewer obstacles and obstacles if you want.

Do your best to collect lightning bolts on the track because you will be speeding up and bumping freely into other cars without losing your turn. This is the lucky lightning that will help you pass other cars and still get the score and without avoiding any opponents. Are you ready to discover similar racing games? Explore some other similar games such as Parking Fury 3D: Beach City.

Instruction to play

Use arrows or WASD on your keyboard to control your car.