Hoon or Die

Hoon or Die gives you a chance to experience the adrenaline rush of a high-speed chase in which you have to escape from the cops. In this action-packed arcade-style race and trace game, you must be ready to free yourself. You are being chased by the cops. Get in your car and start moving before it’s too late. Do you hear the siren of police cars? They are approaching you. You shouldn’t always drive straightly, especially when police cars come close to you. If you keep driving straight ahead, you are easily caught by the police because they can appear from all sides and directions.

Let’s drift to change direction and make the police cars crash into each other or hit an obstacle on the map. You can fool the police cars by drifting. Also, you can drop a bomb to destroy police cars. After a police car blows up, a new one will appear. It likes you are joining an endless chasing and escaping journey. In this game at kizigames.games/racing-games, your ultimate objective is to survive as long as possible. You have only one life. You have to restart the game when you die because of an accident or getting caught by the police or running out of gasoline.

You can collect coins, gasoline, and some power-ups such as magnets on the map while driving. With coins, you can unlock 35 different cars and 5 maps. In the beginning, you may find it quite hard to control your car. It auto-moves ahead. You may need some time to get used to the controls. Your driving skills will be tested here. Good luck! Check out the following games whenever you have time Drive Dead 3D and Super Car Extreme Car Driving.


Instruction to play

A/D or left/right arrow keys to move, Space to start/pause, S or down arrow keys to drop the bomb.