Shooter Rush

Control your gun with precision to be able to destroy all a powerful army ahead. Do you confidently overcome all the challenges in this game Shooter Rush at Kizi online? I believe with your ability it is possible to win. You will need to move your character around. Then use the gun and aim continuously at the enemies that appear in front of you. They appear in armies one by one. so very fast, you need to observe and launch quickly to be able to collect them.

Shoot hundreds of enemies if you are good then you can activate yourself a lot of different weapons. Then collect them with one shot. The game has never been so simple. The latter, the number of enemies will be more. You will find it even more difficult to move. You will be able to unlock more weapons that can fight sharper when participating in this game. A lot of these amounts after each destroyed army.

Run as fast as you can to collect. Two hands two guns and can fight quickly or not depends on your skills. Observe and collect as many coins as you can. This will make you buy even more explosive weapons. This is an extremely fierce battle, as long as you are a little slow, you can be destroyed by the army at any time. Try to master this game and don't let anyone get close to you and have a chance to shoot you. Will luck come to you?

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Instruction to play

Use mouse to shoot all the enemies.