Super Knight Adventure

The mighty knights are the only heroes that can save the kingdom at Super Knight Adventure. It's your chance to shine as the sole hero defeating the enemies on the path to save the kingdom! You will have to conquer two missions at the same time: to collect the coins and to kill the enemies. Moreover, the path is filled with holes, spikes, and scary pitfalls that can trick you anytime if you don't pay enough attention. The elements that are crucial for winning this game is endurance and good reflexes.

The players have to make the characters jump as high as possible so that they can fit through the gap without touching anything. Landing on the enemies will be a creative way to crush them. Defeat any guard that comes within your eyesight to keep the base safe. Such a challenging adventure will test the player's ability to stay calm amidst the intense situation, control the weapon, and come up with good strategies.

It's the type of game that you can share with friends to create a joint force also. If your dream is to be the hero of the kingdom, don't waste any more time because the villagers need your help! Enjoy the huge collection of free games like Mad Scientist and Mr Bullet 2 Online with just one click! 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to choose, interact and defeat the enemies.