Little Broccoli

Up and down to help keep broccoli safe on an adventurous road full of ups and downs. A game that mainly helps you entertain after stressful working hours. Let's start enjoying now with this extremely cute broccoli. Appears in the game Little Broccoli with early levels controlling broccoli going up or down in a straight path. Avoid obstacles with many different blocks appearing on the road.

You need to dodge them combined with the action is to collect the stars to bring back a high score. The obstacles appear very suddenly and their number is many, the speed they move is also very fast. It's tough when you can stay safe in broccoli. But the more difficult it is, I believe the more you try to do the task. Observe and use your fastest skill. reflexes with a pair of eyes combine to create the most spectacular action sequences ever.

Can you move in the fastest way in this mission? Try to keep it safe. The farther you go, the faster the movement speed of the blocks that block you will be. They want to rush to you to break your path. Don't let this happen because it sucks. You must be a winning player and overcome all the challenges of your intelligence.

Luck will smile on you when you invite your friends to join this game Little Broccoli so that together can experience the game with extremely cute timelines. Take a fun adventure at least to enjoy a few more similar entertainment game genres like Love Totems

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to move up and down.