Magic Wood Lumberjack

Do you love tree felling games? Don't miss the chance to join the Magic Wood Lumberjack online game. Are you ready to join that online game? You will find lots of interesting things. Would you like to play now and start the coolest thing? We do best together. New and unexpected will await you. Ready to join the game and many interesting things are waiting for you. Learn the rules of this game. Cut down trees, sell them, and buy upgrades!

There are different types of plants. The further you go, the more expensive trees you have. You can also find magical golden trees that contain bonuses. Don't forget to return and sell lumber for your quick speed boost. Have fun! The deeper you go into the forest, the more rare trees you will encounter. The deeper you go, the more points you will get. You will be added many times the score. And if you are lucky you will meet magical yellow trees to get more points.

Join now and start more great things. Vivid graphic design, there are many different types of plants in this game and many colors with different scores. You will discover even more wonderful things. Play together and will depart more points. How many trees will you cut down and score? It will all depend on your ingenuity.

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Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to move, left mouse to chop trees.