Bubble Monster

Experience the next generation of music games with Bubble Monster. It's a new type of rhythm game. Follow the song's rhythm! Tap the beat to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way. Every beat is yours, just make sure you can keep up. The music is endless with monster bubbles. Clap! Let's go. You will create a new melody. In the background of music, you will make additional clicks so that when you listen to the music again, you have a new feeling.

It's exciting to try your hand at being a musician. The accompaniment is very interesting, we will make the players love it more. Where are the music enthusiasts, come to the online game Bubble Monster at action games. You will have a lot of new feelings, we will share with players and practice music together. Will you be able to create popular music in the future? It absolutely can happen. We need to have more new feelings about music. Play actively and you will gain more knowledge. You will accumulate skills on the night of music.

In the background of vibrant music, click lightly to create attractive accompaniments to the music. Dance to the beat of the music and you can do it. Try to conquer all the new tracks. Create your music. Let's get ready to do that. Complete the levels and listen to the playful music again. Are you ready to become a musician? We strongly believe in that. Play together and share a lot of interesting things. Accept all challenges and play some other games like Find Alien 3D and Flag Capture.

Instruction to play

Touch screen or use the mouse to play.