Gum Adventures DX

Retro toys are indeed popular; there are individuals who relish going to play with them and appreciate the classic songs. Gum Adventures DX is a traditional adventure game in which you assist that round piece of gum in meeting its lover or vice versa.

In general at Kizi online, your job is to ensure security the couple's date. The creature you'll be relocating is sticky, but not to the point that it won't float onto the surface. The hero's residue allows him to move freely in both the floor and the ceiling. With this special ability, the character can easily overcome obstacles such as spikes, cling to the rooftop, or return to the ground. But often the girl will move while the guy was all, but in any case, you must check that they meet and a heart seems so above them.

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Instruction to play

Edge: -Arrow Keys to Move. -H, Up Arrow or Space to Jump.

Other Browsers: -A, D or Arrow Keys to Move. -H, W, Up Arrow or Space to Jump.

Mobile: -Use the screen buttons.