LaneChage 3D

Around you are countless cars of these enemies. You need to avoid them if you collide then the worst will happen. You need to make the wisest move in the game LaneChage 3D at Kizi com ride. Rest assured that this is a completely free online game without having to pay any amount. There is a lot of fun in the future waiting for you. Take control of your sports car moving on a busy traffic lane. You need to dodge the photo every time there is a car in front of you.

Take the opportunity and collect a lot of gold coins in the back of these cars. The more money you earn for yourself, the higher your chances of conquering the challenge. You can use this money to buy some more awesome cars and drive faster. This is the most engaging real reflex and avoidance car control game. Let's start the challenge in this perfect experience with an amazing game method.

In the crowded traffic, can you go safely and keep yourself in a unique position in this game? Move and perform actions together so you don't miss a thing. Observe which car has a lot of gold in the back of the car, then try to move to that car to collect more and more.

Give yourself a lot of fun in the challenge. It's great that you can join this game LaneChage 3D with all your friends to share the fun of driving together. Experience the feeling of being in heavy traffic even more on a few other similar game genres like Stunt Car Challenge 3 

Instruction to play

Use mouse arrow keys to control your car left or right.