Imposter Dash

A race to the universe is taking place very intensely in the online game Imposter Dash. You will be challenged with fast runs and hold your breath when meeting all those obstacles. Would you like to get started now? You will do a great job on that task. Search for the answer through this game. To win, know the rules of the game. Together we will discover a lot of good things. Get started now!

In this new game, the astronaut running for his life is starting a tough race. While running, dangerous obstacles appear and the astronaut has to avoid most of the deadly traps. All the interesting things are present in the online game Imposter Dash. How to overcome the deadly electric traps. Help the astronaut use jumps to pass. Control the jumps well, ensure the correct distance to not collide with traps.

The traps are placed randomly and very continuously. That's why you need to be very observant to stay in great shape. Rank up and beat all opponents with the highest score. Continue your journey towards the perfect universe. Let's give each other new and unique impressions of this game. In vivid graphic design, you will get lost in an adventure full of new challenges. Let's start the exciting game right now.

The game requires the player's agility and precise observation. Try to do your best to become the best player. Try to perfect all the skills when participating in this game. How many points did you collect? It all depends on your ingenuity. Discover more new things with friends in some other games similar to Bus Subway Runner.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse or touch the screen.