Chess Move

There are only 24 levels in the game Chess Move you need to pass that. Each level is a word puzzle. You need to quickly join the game to train yourself a lot more on brain skills. You need to move each array as expected. Your goal in this game is to capture the enemy king. Lazy and never move. Do not worry at all, focus on the game and move your pieces so that to the position of this enemy's king collect them.

To be able to do that, you have to use your most intelligent brain. Think about where it is safe and accurate to move your pieces to make it easier to collect and destroy the enemy's pieces. Don't worry about losing any pieces. Please focus on the game and make use of your smart brain.

In addition, the game has a one-way platform, closed doors, button keys, and other elements that will keep you interested. Because the law will assist you in this fight. Move the pieces intelligently and accurately to a safe place. Destroy the enemies that are in front of you.

With a simple graphic design but addictive gameplay. You can fully participate in this game in any computer browser. Quickly share this game Chess Move with all your friends to transform together to become the smartest pieces to destroy the chess kings of the evil revenge teams in front. You can completely experience a few other similar board game genres like Blocky Friend

Instruction to play

Use can move at your will.